These Water Bottles Are Chic, Sustainable, & Smart

Drinking enough water is crucial for your health — but you probably knew that already. The "bottled water market" has blown up. You're seeing Swell bottles everywhere. There are various apps that'll send you notifications reminding you to drink up. One of the more amusing of these apps, Plant Nanny, even displays a wilting virtual shrub if you don’t drink enough water.
This vegetation analogy is humorous, but it’s also fairly accurate that you'll wilt away if you don’t get enough to drink. Harvard Health notes that the benefits of drinking enough water range from flushing bacteria from your bladder, aiding digestion, and stabilizing your heartbeat. The list goes on. Mayo Clinic says. the that the average woman should drink about 11.5 cups, or 2.7 liters, of fluids a day. 
But getting enough to drink can be difficult. All kinds of things hold people back from proper hydration. People all over the world (and in parts of the U.S.) don’t have access to clean or consistent drinking water. Some people have deadlines or crying toddlers that make them feel like they can’t take a beat to stop and chug some H2O. Some of us forget, and, for others, the water cooler just seems SO far away from your desk. 
But having a favorite water bottle that you carry around with you can make a difference. Not only will it be a constant reminder to get hydrated as hell, but it’s also good for the planet, because you’re not using plastic bottles or paper cups. It’s a win-win. Here are some of our favorite bottles, which you can conveniently buy on Amazon.

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