We Tasted & Ranked 5 Popular Almond Milk Brands So You Don't Have To

My intense love for almond butter also extends to almond milk. Partially because dairy no longer seems to agree with my adult self (let's just say, it's complicated). But mainly because I just happen to prefer the taste. Almond milk still keeps the creamy quality of OG cow milk, but in addition to that it also boasts a next-level layer of nuttiness. It's a nut milk that still feels silky, smooth, light, and refreshing. And all this makes it the ideal addition to cereals, smoothies, shakes, and even soups. So with all these positives, where's a bonafide almond lover to go wrong?
Well, for starters: the available brand options seem to be endless. Just as with almond butter, almond milk has hit store shelves, everywhere — from Whole Food's to Trader Joe's, Target and more. And contrary to what you may have heard, not all nut milks taste the same. Which is why navigating all the different varieties, sizes, and price points can be confusing.
So in order to get a handle on the nut milk landscape, I decided to taste test five popular brands and rank them based on price, taste, and consistency. So if you are still stuck on what carton to pop in your cart, read on to see which beverage comes out on top!

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