Here's How These 4 Popular Almond Butter Brands Stack Up

You know what I love (aside from Trader Joe's)? Almond butter. This alternative nut spread has been everywhere since it started moving its way up the food scene over 10 years ago — according to the Washington Post our almond obsession has grown over 220 percent since 2005 (can't stop, won't stop). When OG companies released their own creamy takes on the trend, new brands answered by popping up out of the nut-crushing woodwork and throwing their jars in the ring. And with so many competing names, varieties, and prices strewn around, I couldn't help but feeling a little bit lost. How's a nut-butter-lover supposed to deftly navigate the manic mishmash on a grocery store's shelves these days?!

Perhaps, by comparing jars from four major brands...Which is exactly what I did — so you don't have to. Ahead find four heavy hitter's (Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Target, and even a trendy indie-almond-brand) options that have been smelled, tasted, rated, and recommended (or not).

Click on to find out which creamy almond spread comes out on top!

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