The BEST Products Under $5 That Prove Aldi Is The New TJ's

Photo: Tim Scrivener/REX/Shutterstock.
Have you heard of a little supermarket called Aldi? Until very recently, I hadn't. Now it's quite possible that I'd been blinded by my singular grocery devotion (ahem, Trader Joe's), because even my own mother knew what was up before I did. And when I texted her to get the scoop, I was met with some serious label loyalty. "Yes — great store!!!!! I go there for canned goods, cereal, and seasonal specialty items like muesli. Great prices!!!" she wrote back.
So maybe I was the last know... Or maybe there are many others out there, living under the TJ's rock, who have yet to bask in Aldi's wildly affordable light. Others who are also wondering, Could it really be just as good or even better than (gasp!) Trader Joe's? But I'm not here to make that call — instead, I'm here to present you with all the bargain products from our latest grocery store crush (all under $5) that may just make it for you.

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