10 Ways To Score Free Beauty Products When You Travel

Once upon a time, those tiny bottles and miniature soaps that lined hotel sinks were filled with generic and subpar, for lack of a better word, crap. Only the most indiscriminate of guests would dare to lather up with them — and even then, it was for off-brand uses like shaving our legs with hotel conditioner. (Which, by the way, still works like a charm.)

Then, suddenly it seemed that rooms were stocked with legit brands and luxurious products that we not only wanted to use, but weren’t embarrassed to scoop up and dump into our suitcases (possibly stalking unattended cleaning carts to pilfer a few more). And airlines got in on the action, treating fancy fliers sitting in the front of the plane to Dopp kits packed with petite versions of prestige skin-care offerings.

With that in mind, ahead, we rounded up our favorite beauty loot — with images of exactly what you'll get every time you fly or book a night in a hotel. Trust us — these will definitely help relieve the stress of travel.

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