10 Kick-Ass Workout Pieces To Get You Back To The Gym

Think about your most epic playlist — the perfect blend of "Uptown Funk," "Blank Space," and some old-school Bey. Whether you're fighting your way out from under the covers the morning after a late, great date or struggling through the first week you've given up caffeine, that music has you ready to roll.
Your workout gear should have the same effect. And, with the sheer amount of rad options that exist in the world, there's no excuse for holding onto the stuff that doesn’t motivate you to get sweaty — especially since we’ve taken the lead on tracking down some upgrades.
Luckily, at SIX:02, we discovered graphic spandex shorts, reflective track jackets, bold sports bras, and showy sneaks. Punctuated by bursts of hot pink and aqua, these pieces arrive just in time to get your spring workout routine off to the right start. Winter blahs, we’re making a run for it.