Totally Customizable Skin Care Has Arrived

The term "bespoke" once referred only to the sartorial world — couture and London's Savile Row. Nowadays, customization has moved outside of fashion and into our beauty routines, with bespoke skin-care serums the latest rage in beauty. Because, who wants to use the same product everybody and their little sister is using, anyway?
Skin Inc, a skin-care company that's headquartered in Singapore but manufactures in Japan, is one brand offering customizable serums. Think of its My Daily Dose service as a perfect-skin cocktail made just for you — an extra shot of hyaluronic acid here, a little collagen there — that will address all of your complexion concerns.
Sabrina Tan, CEO and founder of Skin Inc Global, explains, “Like your thumbprint, everyone's skin is different. Customizing your own serum allows you to give your skin all that it needs in one step.”
U.K. company Jennifer Young also offers customizable products — everything from serums to cleansers and toners. Like Skin Inc, you complete a survey online in which you determine what items you want and what your skin concerns are. The plus here is that you can opt to buy a sample before committing to a full-size product.
According to Dr. Alexander Rivkin, a cosmetic surgeon at Westside Aesthetics, this made-to-order trend in beauty has real merit. “People can have multiple issues with their skin at once," says Dr. Rivkin. "It can be dry, sensitive, and tight or oily, sensitive, and pigmented. The trick is to know what exactly your skin type is and how to treat it accordingly. The customizing trend is happening across many industries because customers want personalized products, and this is definitely where customized skin care can help."
However, Dr. Rivin adds that, while answering questionnaires and quizzes online is well and good, to truly get a bespoke experience, you should "consult a therapist or skin-care professional who will be more informed about treatment options and products available to address your concerns.”
If you're looking to try out customizable skin care, we've rounded up a few notable brands ahead that are offering bespoke beauty products. Click through to see what kind of possibilities are in store for your complexion with these new made-for-you potions.