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The Like
is back with their sophomore album, Release Me, and they've got a brand new look to go along with their '60s girl-group sound. The fab foursome is glammed out, dolled up, and looking better than ever, and a huge part of that is their incredible take on that iconic mod makeup (think The Shangri-Las meet Edie Sedgwick). We're obsessed with the heavy eye Z's been sporting, the flipped and teased hair makes us swoon, and there's nothing like a pretty pale lip to make us want to run to our local beauty supply store and go a little nuts. So get your falsies out and have your Bump-Its handy, because we've asked our fave local girl group to dish on all their makeup must-haves.

You guys have nailed that dreamy girl group glamour—big hair, swooping eyeliner, super-long lashes. What do you use to get this iconic look before each show?
Laena: "Tons of eyeliner and mascara. Tons of hairspray."
Z: "I've been wearing heavy eye makeup every day since I was ten (creeeeeepy), so my makeup takes about ten to fifteen minutes tops. You've got to have a steady hand for drawing on the bottom lashes though."
Annie: "I'm all about liquid liner and the hair flip."
And the hair is nuts! Can you give us a few tips on how to make that height happen?
Laena: "My secret is The Bump-it! It basically serves as an infrastructure for teased hair to go over so you can get some serious height. Back in the day they used to put all kinds of stuff in there; my grandma in Romania used to collect her own hair from her brush to create a ball of hair to pin under there to get it real big. I use a plastic comb thing. Same difference."
Annie: "I don't use The Bump-It. I usually just throw my head over, shake it around a bit, do a bit of teasing and hope for the best!"

We're kind of obsessed with false lashes at the moment, and Z, yours are incredible. It's a hard technique to master, do you have any tips for an amateur?

Z: "I pretty much look for the longest lashes I can find. Application took me a bit to master. The key, I've realized is to make sure you let the lashes dry for at least 30 seconds before you try to put them on, then touch them to your eye once to make the glue stickier, then apply (close to the lash line)."

We know you guys are L.A. locals, what are the can't-miss spots that have the very best product and services? We want to know your secrets!
Laena: "Salon Pop in Long Beach is the greatest place ever! Ask for Frankie or Margeaux."
Z: "I go to a salon called Umberto and have my hair cut and colored by a woman named Jeanette Casablanca. She's been doing my mom's hair for 20 years!"
Annie: "I've been going to the Yellow Balloon since I was a baby. I went to this Russian barbershop in New York last time we were there to get a trim. When I asked the lady to tease and flip my hair she asked me if I was getting ready for my 16th birthday party. All the ladies had a real good laugh about it."
Salon Pop, 1085 Redondo Avenue (at East 11th Street); 562-987-9200.
Umberto, 416 North Canon Drive (at Santa Monica Boulevard); 310-274-6395.
The Yellow Balloon, 1244 Ventura Boulevard (at Whitsett Avenue); 818-760-7141.

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