Be Nosy! Phillip Lim and Richard Nicoll Give Us a Whiff Of Their New Six Scents

We were totally into the Six Scents fragrance series the first time around (one of us would "test" #3 every time we visited OAK), and designer collaborations still seem to always pique our interest. So, when we got word that Six Scents: Series Two would be available this month, we had to get the skinny on the fragrances from the designers themselves. Read on for what two of our favorites, Phillip Lim and Richard Nicoll, had to say about their olfactory odes. And get ready to snatch one up, as each scent is limited to only 2,000 custom-designed bottles.
Phillip Lim--Collage
If Collage were a piece of clothing from your latest collection, what would it be and why? "It is the closing piece from the women's collection: the collage dress. Like the fragrance, the dress is a novel combination of different ideas, techniques, and inspirations that gives a different perspective from every angle. It's multi-faceted, revealing itself throughout the day."
Who's going to wear Collage? "It's a unisex scent for the curious and mysterious person. I imagine someone who is inherently kind, sensual, consistent, evolved. Outwardly they seem simple because they make everything look effortless, but underneath they're complex."
If we were to wear Collage, what kind of naughty stuff could we get away with? "Umm lets see...grand theft auto, art heist...just kidding. It's up to you to decide what kind of trouble; this scent will just help you get away with it. The scent will intrigue people. They'll try to place you and figure you out, and while they're scratching their heads, you're already gone, leaving only a hint of fragrance behind."
Fill in the blanks: "When we put on this scent our day starts with music, dinner is great conversation, we drink up the atmosphere, and our night ends with a smile."
Portrait by James Mooney.
Richard Nicoll—Nicoll No. 17
So, if your fragrance were a piece of clothing from your latest collection, what would it be and why? "It would be the asymmetric one-sleeved square-cut T-shirt dress…fresh, easy, and optimistic."
Who's going to wear Nicoll No. 17? "Someone who likes subtle, versatile scents over heavy perfumes. It is more like a summery day spritz, with fennel and chicory, then a moody atmospheric fragrance."
What kind of trouble can we get away with while wearing this scent? "It isn't a troublemaker's scent. It's more for someone looking to redeem themselves…let's call it a rehabilitation fragrance."
Fill in the blanks: When we put on this scent our day starts early, dinner is virtuous, we drink juice, and our night ends early.

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