Band of Outsiders Brings Out the Beach and Stars for Spring

"Malibu, late '70s, outside, joyful, happy," was how Scott Sternberg described his spring/summer Band of Outsiders and Boy presentation. He certainly brought some L.A. to Milk Studios: Kirsten Dunst, Jonathan Schwartzman, and Rachel McAdams all swung by to show their support, as well as a fantastic set design with models stationed on a sandy mock beach with vintage luggage and perfect tans...and really, what beach scene isn't complete without a metal detector! Chambray, school-boy blazers, boat shoes, and the hottest Manolo Blahnik for Band of Outsiders bandage-strappy heels abounded, while our favorite pieces included the blue dip-dyed cotton oxford shirt for the guys (modern Beach Boys!) and the twisted suspender skirt for the ladies. After hearing stylist Jessica de Ruiter telling Sternberg the collection was "A-mazing!" and Rachel McAdams going on about how her favorite skirt was "so comfy," seems everyone is up for Sternberg's latest beachy brand of vacation, including us.