These Holiday Gifting Horror Stories Will Make You Never Want To Buy A Present Again

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
You excitedly rip open the gift you've been waiting to unwrap ever since it showed up under the tree weeks earlier. As soon as the wrapping paper is torn away and you get your first peek of the present, you have to pause, recalibrate your brain, and hurriedly plaster a falsely grateful look on your face.
Each holiday season, we live in fear of being in this exact situation. Or worse, putting a loved one in that unpleasant position because of a gift we give. Unfortunately, when it comes to gift-giving, we all occasionally miss the mark. That's one good thing about it; if you've had a holiday gift mishap, you're not alone.
Ahead, several brave souls share stories of times they were given a gift they didn't understand, like, or ever use. A few folks also come forward with their own gift-giving mistakes.

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