Must Watch: A Seamless Backstage Ballet At Tess Giberson’s NYFW Show

We picture the backstage of NYFW to resemble a three-ring circus. Actually, we've been there before, and there are definitely a few ringleaders who know how to keep things smooth despite the makeup/hair/wardrobe madness. However, much to our (pleasant) surprise, this backstage view of the Sara Costello-directed Tess Giberson's fall '12 presentation is quite...lovely!
Before the ethereal-yet-edgy collection's runway debut, Tess' team seamlessly flowed though metallic-eyeshadow applications and harness fittings as if performing a perfectly choreographed dance. We love the circus and all, but right now, we're pretty content to enjoy a backstage routine that can hold a candle to the gracefulness of any Lincoln Center ballet.
Photo: Courtesy of Sara Costello