What To Expect, According To Your Baby's Sign

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
A pregnancy can feel like nine long months of mounting anticipation. You're getting ready to meet, care for, and love a whole new person who you just happen to know nothing about. It's enough to make you hold onto any bit of info — say, your baby's due date — with an iron grip. You may not know their favorite color, but at least you know they'll be born sometime in late June.
Of course, as any astrology aficionado knows, you can actually learn a lot just from someone's birthday, namely their sign. Sure, your baby probably won't be born on the exact day they're due, but even a ballpark date can help you determine which sign the sun will be traveling through when your child enters the world. And, when it comes to having either a breezy Gemini or a sensitive Cancer, knowing what you're in for ahead of time really can help.
Consider discovering your baby's sign — then researching and celebrating it — a woke-r version of a gender reveal. Rather than pinning your expectations for this little person's identity on pink or blue, you can anticipate their future quirks, tastes, and talents based on the stars. (And let them work out that gender thing on their own.)
Ahead, discover your baby's sign and find out how it might influence the person they grow up to be.
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