Superhero Style? Avengers-Themed Eye Makeup Exists

It's nowhere near as hot (or juicy... or delicious...) as our favorite hamburger-themed combo of eyeshadow and mascara, but there's still something to be said for this similarly styled superheroic Avengers-themed eye art (yes, we're coining the phrase).
Marking this week's release of the sci-fi summer blockbuster (Hi Robert Downey, Jr. — have we mentioned recently how much we're still enjoying your comeback?), these fanciful takes on color combinations copped from Captain America, Iron Man, and The Hulk must have taken some very special superpowers (and a true geek's obsession) to execute.
Granted, these looks are only appropriate for a trip to Comic-Con, but nonetheless, we salute makeup artist Jangsara and her dedication to "Earth's Mightiest Heroes". You're braver than Thor himself! (Laughing Squid)

Image: via Makeup Your Jangsara.

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