10 YouTube Astrologers To Follow When Your Horoscope Isn’t Enough

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In a world as wide and complex as astrology, we'd like as many guides as we can find. And thanks to social media, you can find soothsayers of all stripes spouting wisdom on Twitter, Instagram, and, yes, YouTube. It can just be a little tricky to know where to start.
So, if you've been looking for something to supplement your weekly Astrotwins reading, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up 10 of our favorite astrologers on YouTube. Whether you're looking for a quick and dirty forecast or a deep dive into what makes your sign tick, there's a channel for you.
Read on to discover your next astrological guide. Did we forget your favorite? Let us know in the comments.
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Nadiya Shah
For the stargazer who wants a weekly horoscope, plus in-depth explanations of upcoming lunar events and retrogrades.

Shah's forecasts are highly relatable and pick out specific themes to watch out for in the week to come.
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Kelley Rosano
For the stargazer who wants everything in a single 'scope.

That doesn't mean that Rosano only takes a surface-level look at the stars — she offers a detailed analysis of each sign's month to come, focusing on actions we should or should not take, according to the celestial bodies.
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The Quietest Revolution
For the stargazer who wants their horoscope to broaden their horizons.

Astrologer and tarot reader Amber Khan incorporates both crafts into her forecasts, which always have an overall message of healing and empowerment.
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Grace Astrology
For the stargazer who isn't looking for a basic horoscope channel.

Grace takes on topics like compatibility, birth charts, and each sign's core personality traits. This channel is perfect for anyone looking for an accessible way to learn more about astrology.
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Debra Silverman
For the stargazer who wants their horoscope with a side of humor.

As if her near-daily horoscopes and incredibly thorough reference videos weren't enough, Silverman takes the time to joke about astrology, too. We highly recommend her hilarious Signs series, where she plays an exaggerated version of each member of the Zodiac.
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Steve Judd
For the stargazer who wants to be an astrological scholar.

Judd covers monthly and yearly star forecasts, but it's his videos that discuss the complexities of astrology (planets, elements, aspects, and more) that keep us coming back for more.
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Lada Duncheva
For the stargazer who craves variety.

Duncheva frequently features other astrologers, tarot readers, and psychics in her videos, welcoming new perspectives on subjects like the phases of the moon, numerology, and sign compatibility.
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For the stargazer who is always watching the moon.

Danielle is our go-to source for moon info — and we love that she usually posts her videos at least a week ahead of the lunar event's date. She also tackles astrological houses and the signs' common personality traits.
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Michele Knight
For the stargazer who wants to cut to the chase.

Knight's weekly horoscope videos are only three minutes long, but she uses that time to hone in on the most important parts of the week to come and always punctuates her forecasts with some refreshingly real advice.
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Gregory Scott
For the stargazer who wants more of everything.

Scott posts once a day (and sometimes more) on the topics of astrology, tarot, and numerology. He may seem like a bit of a spiritual Renaissance man, but he uses his knowledge in all three of these areas to offer concrete, actionable advice.
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