How To Mix High & Low Decor — Inside A Dreamy R29 Apartment

We may be guilty of overly gushing about our fellow employees. But, there's one R29er who seriously deserves our woman-crushing. That would be Ashley Miles, our kick-ass executive VP of national sales and brand partnerships. Not only does she have the shiniest of hair, an enviable vintage wardrobe, and an adorable family, she also lives in a historic 1800s carriage house in the West Village with her husband Sam Miles.
From the start, it was no typical home tour. She greeted us wearing an epic gold-champagne quilted robe and workout sneakers. Then, upon our entering, she handed us water from a monogrammed glass with a vintage handkerchief wrapped around it — yes, pure Southern hospitality meets New York class. We wandered around her light-filled space and took furious notes on where she shops (Madame Matovu, Housing Works, and Chelsea flea market). She said she'd be happy to be 95 and die in this house. And, the way she has it decorated....we most definitely would, too.