The Terminator Returns! A Retrospective of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Big Style Moments

With the release of the highly anticipated summer blockbuster "Terminator Salvation," it seemed only appropriate to give props to the original Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger--now the Governator of California—with an homage to his ever-changing action-hero style. Yes, it's debatable whether his transition into politics was a good career move, what with a huge budget deficit and new tax increases on the daily, it seems like maybe this glowing Herculean ex-actor should have stuck with his day job. But whether he's rocking the badass motorcycle jacket in "Terminator" or donning a furry loincloth and stitched leather codpiece in "Conan the Barbarian," this former beefcake-cum-Kennedy-catcher is a style chameleon.
Above, from left:
Hercules in New York (1970): Is that a toga, or an ill-fitting man-mini?
The Villain (1979): Arnold's shoot-him-up style is more rodeo clown than studly cowboy. Hee Haw!

Above, from left:
The Jayne Mansfield Story (1980): Are they the little plastic bride and groom figurines made to top wedding cakes? Nice shiny suit, Arnie. 
Conan the Barbarian (1982): We're totally digging this sword-wielding, leather headband-wearing Arnie, but minus the furry loincloth action. 
Above, from left:
The Terminator (1984): By far his best look, Arnold's tough Terminator 'fit is sinisterly sexy.
Predator (1987): Is it just us, or do Arnold's well-oiled arms look like giant chicken wings? 
Above, from left:
The Running Man (1987): This Sci-Fi thriller get-up is so cyber disco. Think "2001 A Space Odyssey"-meets-Studio 54.
Above, from left:
Twins (1988): There really is hardly anything worse than pleated khakis--well maybe when we're seeing them in double vision.
Total Recall (1990): We'd have a major headache, too, if we were forced to rock these nondescript neutrals. Ouch!
Above, from left:
Kindergarten Cop (1990): This all-American honky tonk ensemble is even offending the children. 
Junior (1994): Seahorses are the only male creatures meant to look good preggers. 
Above, from left:
Batman & Robin (1997): Arnold is giving us major fashion hypothermia as Mr. Freeze.
Collateral Damage (2002): We thinks this straw-fedora-clad Arnold spent one session too many in the tanning booth. Can you say well done?
While he may have given up on the bulky 'roids look, Arnold has held on to his Hollywood perfected fake smile and even faker tan. 

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