Arianna Huffington Wants To Help You Fall Back In Love With Sleep

We're not quite sure how it happened, but it did. Somehow, we decided that getting all of our work, socializing, eating, and working out done was more important that getting our sleep. And as a result, says Arianna Huffington, burnout has become the norm. The CDC reports that over a third of Americans are now sleep-deprived. In her new book, The Sleep Revolution, Huffington wants to help us take back that precious snooze time. In an interview with Christene Barberich, R29's global editor-in-chief, Huffington offers a few tips to help us fall back in love with our ZZZs. "When you rekindle that romance, you look forward to sleep," says Huffington. Her nighttime rituals include turning off the lights in your room at least five minutes before you actually want to fall asleep, and "gently escorting" your devices out of the room. She also says a hot bath can both prep your body for sleep and make the whole thing feel a bit more seductive. Check out the full video above for even more tips.

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