Plastic Surgeons To Women: Your Saggy Ears Are Grossing Us Out

We're not sure if this is a case of scare tactics, extreme vanity, or just a crappy side-effect of getting older, but apparently the latest trend in plastic surgery is getting your ears done. We bet the Real Housewives are all over this one. Supposedly, constantly wearing large, heavy earrings can cause your ears to stretch out and sag as you get older. The remedy for this is a "lobe lift," which reshapes the ear via cosmetic surgery to create a "better" proportion.
According to Dr. Edward Miranda, a board certified San Francisco-based plastic surgeon, there are two types of procedures: One for stretched-out lobes and one for piercings that have stretched or torn (um, ow). For the low, low cost of $1,500 to $3,000, a surgeon will cut into your lobe and manually lift and plump it back up, giving you the pert, perky lobes of your youth. Riiiiiight.
Part of us thinks this is ridiculous, but the other part is now self-conscious of our future droopy ears.

What's your take on earlobe lifts?

Photo: Via ASOS

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