Life (& Food) Lessons From April Bloomfield

There aren't nearly enough badass female chefs rising to fame and finding the cult followings they truly deserve in the food industry today. But, that's not to suggest that there aren't some truly accomplished women out there right now, leveling the playing field and shattering ceilings both as chefs and restauranteurs. One of our favorites among them is April Bloomfield. With two Michelin stars (one for The Breslin and one for The Spotted Pig), she's a powerhouse by any standard.
Trained at The River Café under the guidance of Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray, she's a comfort-food pro, with a particular love of expertly prepared meats (as evidenced by her charming book, A Girl and Her Pig: Recipes and Stories). She's also a co-owner of some of the most star-studded spots in NYC but has absolutely zero diva airs about her. Just the opposite, in fact.
We convinced her to spend a few hours with us, hanging out at The John Dory (her third NYC establishment) before it opened up for business. Thoughtfully honest, kind, and incredibly intelligent, she schooled us on the powers of speaking softly (but carrying a big stick butcher's knife, of course). Ahead, some of the smartest career advice we've gotten in a long time (and a word of caution to any fellow garlic-press users).

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