The Rumored Apple Smartwatch Design Is A...Snap Bracelet?!

Ah, the snap bracelet. What we'd always thought of as a childhood novelty looks like it might take the spotlight once again, being cast as a possible model for the high-tech Apple Smartwatch. It looks like a recent patent discovery from August 2011 by Apple Insider is cluing folks into the possible design marriage between computerized mechanics, a flexible wrap-around display, and spring-like capabilities. Sounds perfectly Apple-esque to us!
While they had us at the mention of a slap bracelet, whispers of a kinetic charging system — a.k.a. the watch would stay powered by the natural movements of your arm — have us more than intrigued. Throw in a continuous display system that can sense which way your arm is pointing and wireless communication with your smartphone or tablet, and we’re sold, per usual!
Could this new gadget snap us out of our now-so-yesteryear wristwatches? Only time will tell! (Apple Insider, Forbes)
Photo: Via Forbes/Chocolate Agency

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