Make Over Your Space In ONE Weekend

You loved those chevron pillows when you bought them. And, you don't remember your blinds being such a fusty color of brown when you first fell for them. But now, everything in your apartment feels so played out that you can barely stand to look at the place for another day. Trouble is, you don’t have the budget, nor the time, to take on an interior-design overhaul. Meet the mini (but mighty) weekend makeover.
Painting walls and installing new structures are projects that seem at odds with your summer priorities: You've got barbecues to swing by and OITNB to binge-watch, after all. The secret is to effect change bit by bit. Weekend makeovers are the small tweaks that take two hours max to complete, but pack major refresh power. Ahead, 18 easy fixes that will breathe new life into your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Trick out the front of your refrigerator or switch up your bathroom vanity (it's easier than it sounds) and you'll have a more livable apartment come Monday morning. No contractor required.
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Space: The Living Room

Tip: Switch Our Your Window Treatments
Curtains don't just keep prying eyes out, they frame your room. Try a soft, almost-opaque grey for summer. And, if you're looking to make your ceilings seem taller, try raising the curtains higher than the windows.
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Swapping in a metal rod may seem insignificant, but the knobbed ends here add subtle sophistication.
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Not allowed to hang curtains? These graphic blinds are a refreshing departure from those boring bamboo roll-ups.
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Space: The Living Room

Tip: Brighten Your Couch
The easiest way to get a refresh is adding color — a lot of it. Instead of buying new throw pillows, opt for slipcovers. They're cheaper, and you can switch them out seasonally.
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Already love your pillows? Try draping a bright throw over the back or arm. It'll come in handy on movie nights when the AC gets too aggressive.
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Let the color come from beneath with a bold, natural-fiber rug.
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Space: The Kitchen

Tip: Trick Out Your Refrigerator
Your icebox doesn't have to be a big, white eyesore. Try using temporary wallpaper tiles on the front and sides — instant art.
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Feeling even more DIY enthusiasm? Create stripes or various designs using bright washi tape. Temporary subletters, don't fret — the tape comes off.
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Get rid of all those flimsy advertising magnets that hold up takeout pamphlets. Cover your refrigerator with snaps of loved ones — and these gemstones.
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Space: The Kitchen

Tip: Accessorize Your Cabinets
Chances are you didn't have a say about your cabinets. But, you can spruce them up. Switching out boring knobs for beauties like these emerald pulls is a game changer.
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Consider how many times you open your silverware drawer. Seeing this gold chevron liner inside will make you smile. Every time.
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Maximize cabinet space by adding clear risers so you can stack glasses and bowls on top of each other.
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Space: The Bedroom

Tip: Makeover Your Bed
Get ready for the easiest trick in the book: switch out your bedding. A black-and-white pattern like this option from Urban Outfitters is calming for restless summer nights.
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Bring in the color with shams. Nothing says fresh like this sunny yellow.
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Sure, it's not something anyone else will notice, but a bedskirt makes the biggest piece of furniture in your room look crisp and instantly put together. It's probably the most underestimated piece of linen ever.
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Space: The Bedroom

Tip: Create Mood Lighting
If you're really on the lazy-girl train and will only pick ONE tip from this list, make it this one. A pendant light, like this Pontil chandelier, with soft-wattage bulbs makes your ambience cozy.
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If you can't change your overhead lighting, this IKEA floor lamp is a brilliant alternative. The shade can turn multiple angles for reading, or highlighting a certain corner.
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This retro desk lamp adds elegance to any bedside table.
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Space: The Bathroom

Tip: Change ALL Your Hardware
Switching up your vanity sounds like you need a contractor. But, take it from our lifestyle editor, Kelley Carter, it's so much easier than you would think. If you have a small-space bathroom, this one switch gives a total facelift.
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Inject vibrancy into any blah space with a bright shower curtain, like this bamboo one.
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Hang sculptural shelves to hold your towels and toilet paper, and maximize overhead space.
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Dated, grimy fixtures can bring you down. This rain head screams glamour almost as well as a day at the spa.

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