The Anti-Diet Project: Ask Me Stuff!

Since the start of The Anti-Diet Project last November, I've heard from a lot of you — thanks! Whether it's requests for advice, questions about resources, or even just sharing your personal story with me, I really appreciate hearing how the column has resonated with you. Even if you're one of the readers who think I'm crazypants for ditching dieting, I'm always glad to get your tweets, Instagram comments, and direct emails, if only for the opportunity to hear what you think.
That said, I'm not an expert anything. Aside from writing about my personal experience with Intuitive Eating and fitness, and the lessons I've learned firsthand, I'm not a professional in the field. But, as a woman who knows her way around some food issues, I'm certainly a top-ranking amateur. And, I'd like to help! While I'm not always able to respond to your particular query ASAP, I read every single one, and it has me thinking: Why don't we take this relationship to the next level, and go public?
Send me your questions, worries, and even rants, and I'll answer them on the April 7 installment of the column. If it's a question that requires a professional opinion, I'll find one. If you need additional resources, I'll point you in the right direction. If you just want a little help with your personal journey, I'm here! Send your queries for the column by March 28. (If you want to reach out but not be included in this column, or if you want me to change your name, no problem — just let me know). You can find me on Twitter and Instagram at @mskelseymiller using the #antidietproject hashtag, or email me at

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