Alexandra and Theodora Richards Host a Swingin’ Summer Hamptons Bash at Sole East

Unofficially, Memorial Day is the harbinger of summer and a preview of all the great things to come—patio dinners, rooftop jaunts, laying lazily by the pool, and beach bashes. Likewise, when Alexandra Richards and Sergio Rossi threw a bash to celebrate Alex's new Social Life magazine cover this past Sunday at Sole East, there was no doubt that finer weather is here to stay: Sister Theodora danced around with a white dress and daisies in her hair, while guests like Cody Horn, Esti Ginzburg, Phillip Ettinger (all stars from the upcoming film Twelve), and Erin Lucas (of The City) hung out poolside and on the patio. Sure, we may have been stuck in traffic for hours on our way back to the city, but we brought party pics as a gift home, just for you, dear readers. Oh and Montauk residents? If you thought Sunday's dinner got a little too raucous, just wait 'til The Ivy and their tag team of party kids take over this's going to be a long summer.
Above, from left: Cody Horn, Esti Ginzburg. Top, from left: Alexandra Richards, Theodora Richards
Above, from left: Derek Lloyd, Alexandra Richards, DJ Nick Cohen
Above, from left: Cody Horn, Phillip Ettinger, Erin Lucas.
Above, from left: Garret Pruter, Nick Haramis, Justin Belmont
Above, from left: Cody Horn, Phillip Ettinger, Etsi Ginzburg
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