Air-Drying For Every Hair Type — You May Never Go Back To Your Blowdryer Again

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Imagine if you could throw some product in your freshly washed hair, toss it up into a bun, walk out the door, and later take it down to reveal the best version of your natural texture. It sounds like a dream, right? 
Well, says celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa, think again. This may seem like an odd statement, considering Sarah has invented the most user-friendly curling iron in history, the Beachwaver (and its kid sister, the Beachwaver S1). But, Sarah's the kind of stylist who gets it: When talking about how to do hair at home, easy ways to style, or great product tricks, she's a wealth of information. She lovingly attributes this gift to her two sisters, with whom she grew up braiding, twisting, and blowdrying each other's manes. (Naturally, Sarah emerged as the most talented in the hair department, but that's beside the point.) 
We called upon some of our beautiful staffers to be Sarah's guinea pigs. They watched as she did everything from French braids to cornrows to "two-strand twists" to finger waves, removing her clips, pins, and self-made bun inserts to reveal gorgeous, voluminous, and (best of all) easy-to-accomplish hair. Click through to find out how to get blowdryer results — without the use of a single hot tool.
Did we miss your hair type or texture? Leave us a comment, and Sarah will get back to you with some ideas! 

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