Actual Video Of Men Dancing In Their Super-Pointy Boots

If you thought your 6-inch platforms were a pain to dance in, check out the (literally) sharp dressers below. Shaking it to beats while squeezed into skinny jeans, these Mexican dancers are wearing the pointy long-toed cowboy boots we wrote about before. We can barely imagine walking in these elf boots, let alone maintaining any semblance of coordination on the dance floor. The trend started about a year ago in the city of Matehuala, Mexico, when rival dance crews kept making their boots longer and longer, extending to a whopping seven-foot-long pair. Each pointy-shoe dance crew designs its own choreography, but the most common dance moves include bouncing on one's heels left and right or up and down, while occasionally putting one foot in front of the other (sounds exciting, we know—but the effect is ridiculously compelling). If your boots are long enough, you can even grab the tips and hold them while performing said bouncing. Finally, a pair of dancing shoes you can actually dance with! The video, after the break. (Vice)

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