A Bake Sale, Girls Wearing Money, and Great Green Clothes at John Patrick’s Organic Collection

"She's wearing this oversized organic T-shirt with lace, but we're controlling it by pushing it in," an ebullient bow-tie wearing Organic designer John Patrick says, gesturing wildly to a model who he calls his "librarian." And indeed, Patrick's collection is all about the push-and-pull. Whether it's a bell-sleeve balloon blouse nipped in tightly at the waist with a pair of high-waisted pants or a sleek black silk jumpsuit made more adventurous with the model's expertly poofed hair, Patrick's play on contrasts recalls both a West Coast cool and something like Prada's Italian severity. The best part aside from the incredible-fitting trench and perfect paper-bag-waist trousers is that everything is almost entirely organic, which is a proposition so enticing it even beats out the yummy farmer's cheeses and cookies they were serving and selling at the show. Oh, and let's not forget the beautiful vintage necklaces made out of exotic coins. "I love the idea of wearing money," Patrick says. And in times like these, we can't imagine a better way of keeping your cash close to your heart.