8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Sep 07 2015

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Meryl Streep isn't just playing a suffragette in her new movie, she's putting her money where her mouth is. While promoting her new movie Suffragette, Meryl Street told a Telluride audience that she sent a book on the Equal Rights Amendment to every member of Congress and got only five replies. She also said, after praising the Pope, that he should speak out on gender inequality. Go, Meryl! (The Hollywood Reporter)
This guy wants to get elected president and then resign after he's done one thing. Lawrence Lessig is trying to hack the 2016 election with a crowdfunded run for president for only one reason: to address campaign funding. If elected, he wants to overturn Citizens United and will immediately resign. He's trying to meet his campaign fund goal by Labor Day, so if you want to support him, you'd better get moving. (MTV)
How your smartphone can know when you're bored: It's watching you. Researchers have created an algorithm to alert your smartphone of your boredom — and it's correct 83% of the time. Soon, if you haven't gotten a call or text recently, your phone will check the time of day and your internet usage and, if it thinks you're bored, will send you an alert to engage you by reading an article or similar activity. Handy, yet creepy. (Mashable)
Populists are alive and well — and supporting both Trump and Sanders. What do Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have in common? They're both a part of America's (complicated) populist history. Sanders and Trump supporters have more in common than they think, namely a fear that the country is going to be taken down by malevolent forces...just, very different forces. (The New Yorker)
Domestic violence survivors have a new and free way to remove visible scars from their bodies. A Brazilian tattoo artist has been at work creating a new movement for domestic abuse survivors, giving them "lifetime marks" to cover their scars. Women who have been abused or undergone a mastectomy can get a tattoo to be used as a symbol of their empowerment at no cost. (Huffington Post)
The end of summer means the end of summer music festival season. Made In America, Jay Z's annual summer music festival, went down this weekend in Philidelphia with performances by Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Nick Jonas, Meek Mill, and more. See photos from on stage and backstage. Jay Z and Nick Jonas sharing a cigar is our fave. (Fuse)
But one summer music festival might bring us a natural disaster, not because of Katy Perry. Also going down this weekend is Burning Man, in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. But could the notorious festival cause an earthquake with all the bass-heavy E.D.M.? A seismologist says the fest could register on the Richter scale if the Burners make too much of a ruckus. (The Washington Post)

What's your work style? Would you be in your PJs if you could? Freelancers and entrepreneurs are forgoing working at home in favor of shared workspaces. Experts say the shift in work style is due to a desire for more stimulation and developers making an effort to make better use of available office spaces. Over 4,000 shared work spaces have been opened in major U.S. cities. (Chicago Tribune)

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