8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Aug 28 2015

Andy Parker, father of the 24-year-old news anchor murdered on live TV on Wednesday, vowed to make gun control reform his "mission in life." He told Fox News that he's worried the media will drop the story in a matter of time; even if they do, Parker plans to make everyone remember. (Fox News)
A new lawsuit alleges that basketball superstar Derrick Rose and his two assistants drugged and gang-raped a woman in Los Angeles. Rose's attorney called the claim "completely false and without any factual basis." The woman says her emotional trauma led to problems at work and that eventually, she was fired from her job. (Los Angeles Times)
Continuing his streak of being the most entertaining sideshow in politics, Donald Trump invited a woman up on stage at a campaign event to yank on his hair to prove that it's real.“I don’t wear a toupee — it’s my hair,” he said. (The New York Times)
In a heist that could also double as the rejected script for Oceans 14, millions of dollars worth of diamonds vanished from a Russian safe house that clearly wasn't working properly. Whoever took the stones swapped them out for replacements of equal weight. The gems are still MIA. (NBC News)
We knew those anti-Planned Parenthood videos were pretty sketchy...but it turns our they're even faker than we realized. A team of independent researchers found massive manipulations on the footage and copious errors in the transcripts that accompanied the videos. (The Huffington Post)
Instagram changed the rules of its universe — pictures no longer have to be square. You'll be able to share giant group pics and soaring shots of city buildings without the help of additional apps. Thankfully, our gorgeous and carefully curated profiles won't lose their charm — Instagram will resize pictures to appear square on collection pages. (Refinery29)
Ten years ago, waters from Hurricane Katrina engulfed the grounds of a quaint Mississippi hotel — everything except for the building itself. The manager, Donna Brown, opened the hotel's doors as a refuge for hundreds of displaced people. On Sunday, many of them will gather for a reunion and to say thank you to Brown for her fearless leadership. (Yahoo News)
Be careful with your carbs this week! Bimbo Bakeries (yep, really) a major bread manufacturer, recalled approximately 48,000 packages of sandwich slices that may contain shards of broken lightbulb. So far, no casualties (other than the loaves) have been reported. (Refinery29)

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