8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Aug 25 2015

North Korea and South Korea are making plans to get friendlier. They're starting with a deal to end their "semi-state of war" and cut back on propaganda. (BBC)
ISIL destroyed a 2,000-year-old temple in Palmyra, Syria, and executed the city's chief of antiquities, but Palmyra's desecration began years ago. (USA Today)
"Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time" and "Freshman daughter drop off" signs at a Virginia university have got us shaking our heads at campus sexual harassment yet again. (WTVR)
The fight to get J.Crew to sell walking canes is on for one New York woman with idiopathic neuropathy. Listen up, Jenna Lyons. (Racked)
In the early 19th century, all women of childbearing age were expected to give birth. For enslaved women, getting pregnant could be an asset or a nightmare. (Slate)
Depression, heavy drinking, diabetes — these are just a few of the problems insane work hours can impose on human beings. Summer Fridays forever? (Refinery29)
Luxury fashion brands are not exempt from problems with China's economy. Stocks are falling for Swatch, Prada, and Ferragamo, to name a few. (Quartz)
You'll never guess this week's biggest aphrodisiac: egalitarian child care. A study shows that when mothers and fathers divide diaper duty, their sex life gets way better. (Washington Post)

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