8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Aug 23 2015

Photo: Rex/REX USA
Conspiracy theories abound as Kate Middleton skips a public appearance. Does she have postpartum depression or is she still on maternity leave? (The Daily Beast)
Donald Trump's immigration policy has pitted him against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg — and all of Silicon Valley. (Wall Street Journal)
Women may be the future of pot sales, a billion-dollar industry. (Newsweek)
Andy Samberg said all of the seven dirty words in the first promo for the Emmys. Glad we got that out of the way. (Yahoo)
Cecil the lion helped rescue a wildlife conservation program that was about to go extinct. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Baby hands are the hottest new trend on Instagram for celebrity "proof of life" reveals. (Elle)
Want to check out Banksy's Dismaland? You can't buy tickets — and that might be by design. (The Independent)
Why we should worry about Katie Ledecky, the next great American swimming star. (Grantland)

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