8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Aug 22 2015

This "Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Kanye West" quiz is harder than you think. (Huffington Post)
Tons of people have already seen Straight Outta Compton, but the movie leaves out some important details about N.W.A. and women. Ebony writer Jamilah Lemieux broke down why we shouldn't ignore the group's misogyny when we celebrate its music and influence. (Washington Post)
One company is actively trying to give its employees more days off. The company that owns Uniqlo plans to shift 10,000 Uniqlo Japan workers — including those that staff stores — to four-day work weeks. Would you take this schedule? (Refinery29)
Anyone who was planning an End of the World party next month is going to have postpone. NASA has debunked rumors that an asteroid is coming to kill us all. (BBC)
Young civil rights protestors have disrupted campaign events and met with presidential candidates. Now, they're risen to the challenge Hillary Clinton gave them and have released a set of policy proposals to reduce police brutality and arrests in poor and minority communities. (The Guardian)
Human rights activist and exemplary teenager Malala Yousafzai got top marks on her high school exams. The 18-year-old can hang this year's report card next to her Nobel Peace Prize. (Time)
In need of cute animals in beautiful settings? The Camping with Dogs Instagram has you covered. (Yahoo Travel)

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