8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Aug 20 2015

Photo: Rex / REX USA.
Donald Trump has been calling for an end to birthright citizenship and for the deportation of all undocumented immigrants. One brave, undocumented man who works in a Trump hotel risked his job and more to deliver a message to the Republican presidential candidate. (Mother Jones)
If you only listened to conservative politicians, you’d think that everyone in America thinks Planned Parenthood is a grave threat that must be stopped. But according to a new poll, most Americans support the public health non-profit and think their tax dollars should help fund it. 54% of people, both Democrats and Republicans, think the government should keep funding Planned Parenthood. (Reuters)
The rape case of 19-year-old New Hampshire prep school grad accused of raping a 15-year-old continues. Yesterday, we heard one part of his defense: that girls were "honored" to be targeted by the boys' sex game. (Gawker)
Dark new details were raised in the case of 19-year-old Zachary Hammond, who was killed by police officers in California. Lawyers said Tuesday that cops high-fived each other over his dead body. (The Guardian)
You may have heard that professional Terrible Person George Zimmerman has teamed up with a Florida gun shop billed as a “Muslim-Free Zone” to sell Confederate flag-themed art. But did you hear that today, one of the men who volunteered to guard the shop accidentally shot himself? (Fusion)
The T.S.A. has a new plan to let fliers tell the agency they think of their latest airport experience, with the touch of a button! We do not know if they are going to like what they find out. (Washington Post)
Meet the one person in America still trying keep same-sex couples from getting married. We wonder what it feels like to be firmly on the wrong side of history? (Los Angeles Times)
And finally, we can't get over this little boy crying on his first day of school. It's a tough world out there, buddy. (Refinery29)

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