8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Aug 11 2015

Photo: AP Photo/Jeff Roberson.
The one-year anniversary of Michael Brown's death turned violent. (Refinery29)
The U.S. Consulate in Istanbul is closed after attacks. (BBC)
#EPAfail: Not one million, but three million gallons of pollutants, turned the Colorado River yellow. (Refinery29)
Texas buried hundreds of bodies in a mass grave and no one knew about it. (Refinery29)
The female grizzly bear who killed a hiker in Yellowstone on Friday is going to be put down. (USA Today)
Authorities descended on a 500-pound bomb leftover from World War II and found in London on Monday. (The Guardian)
Astronauts are growing vegetables IN SPACE. Talk about rocket science! (The New York Times)
Baltimore's rap scene is pushing new boundaries in troubled times. (Vice)

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