Low-Maintenance Haircuts For EVERY Hair Type

Photo: Courtesy of Hairstory Studio.
Ask a handful of women to air-dry their hair, and you'll likely get this excuse more than once: "I can't do that with my hair texture." But successful air-drying actually has little to do with your texture and a lot to do with your cut. Think about it: Your cut dictates how your hair will fall. And if the foundation of your style is at odds with your texture, it's all going to be a mess.

The artists at Hairstory Studio in New York City have signed on to this concept. "We try to empower women by giving them the right cut, so that they can rely on their hair," says hairstylist Wes Sharpton. Most women don't need a slew of fancy products or styling tools to air-dry — just a good chop.

And that's exactly what we gave five employees here at Refinery29. We asked the ladies — who have vastly different hair types — to put their strands in the hands of Sharpton and Beth Shanefelter, another Hairstory stylist. Some of them were already air-drying, but wanted their hair to behave better. Others were sick and tired of using hot tools to force their locks into submission. The goal was to make over their manes so that they could all air-dry with gorgeous results.

Ahead, find the cuts, as well as styling tips and tricks, that work best for each of their textures. Your hair will look so good, you might even start finding excuses to air-dry it.

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