8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Jul 21 2015

Photo: Virginamerica/REX USA.
California could finally be getting serious about drought-shaming. Lawmakers are considering fining a group of farmers $1.5 million for stealing water. (AP)
Luxury travel accommodations for your pets are coming to New York's JFK airport in 2016. (Fox DC)
Residents of a small Texas town are against a Muslim cemetery being built near them, and they're being shockingly racist about it. (AP)
Cheaters beware: Hackers stole a ton of information from Ashley Madison, the dating site for married people, and they're threatening to release it. (Refinery29)
Your seafood was almost certainly collected by slave labor. (The Guardian)
Hillary Clinton did her first Facebook Q&A on Monday afternoon, where she talked about Black Lives Matter, her relationship with the media, and pantsuits, obviously. (Facebook)
A 13-year old girl confronted Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker about his plans for undocumented immigrants like her father. (ABC News)
Even after being publicly called out for claiming heritage she didn't have, former NAACP official Rachel Dolezal still holds some strange opinions about about race and identity. (Vanity Fair)

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