Our Favorite Snacks From Childhood With A Grown-Up Twist

There was something really special about growing up in the '90s — the clothes, music, and let's not forget the snacks. '90s snacks were — by far — the best snacks. The completely awesome thing about being an adult is that we can take a walk down memory lane with most of our favorite childhood foods (R.I.P. Oreo O's and Wonder Balls) and drink while we're at it.
What's better than a bag of Goldfish? A bag of Goldfish and a glass (or two) of wine, of course. To get the perfect pairings with the most coveted, nostalgic snacks of yesteryear, we teamed up with wine site Vinepair. R29 Food picked our favorite '90s snacks and Vinepair picked the (affordable!) complementary wine for each one. Next time you're craving a taste of the '90s, grab a bottle of vino that shows everyone what a savvy grown up you are.

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