8 Things You Need To Know This A.M. — Jun 19 2015

Photo: Stephen B. Morton/AP Photo.
Thursday, President Obama spoke out regarding the recent killings of nine civilians in a South Carolina Church, calling it "senseless" and noted that he's had to "make statements like this too many times" since taking office. (CNN)
Ellen Pao lost her high-profile gender discrimination lawsuit against her former employer, Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins. The judge ruled that she now has to pay them $276,000 in legal fees. (USA Today)
Malala Yousafzai went on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart last night to talk about her new documentary. The last time the 17-year-old Nobel laureate did Stewart's show, she left him speechless. (LA Times)
Brian Williams just got the biggest demotion, ever. The dishonesty-prone Williams isn't getting fired, but he's going from Nightly News host to being an anchor on MSNBC. (AP)
Texas got rid of a law banning deep friers in schools. It's not about health, they say, but freedom. (AP)
A tourist captured video of a shark swimming near the North Carolina beach, where a recent spate of bitings took place. (ABC News)
Good news for anyone who hates baggage claims: The International Air Transport Association cancels plans to majorly shrink the size of carry-on luggage. (The Daily Beast)
The reigning world's oldest woman, Jeralean Talley, died at 116-years-old in her home outside Detroit. She was born in Georgia in 1899. (NBC News)

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