8 Perfect V-Day Outfits, Courtesy Of S.F.’s Most Stylish Bloggers

Whether it's planning the perfect night out or handpicking a thoughtful gift for your sweetie, there's a lot of pressure that comes along with Valentine's Day. Deciding what you're going to wear? Now, that should be the fun part.
Sure, the thought of pulling together a V-Day outfit may conjure up images of pink ruffles or rose frocks. But, you don't have to go there. There are plenty of standout options that you can wear long after the final candy heart has been eaten.
Everyone's idea of the ideal itinerary differs, so we've tapped S.F. bloggers to show us how to dress for every occasion. Whether you're heading out to Napa or spending a beach day in Monterey, you're covered. Let these outfits guide the way.