The Best, Worst, and Meh Looks At The 2010 Oscars

Whether you were rooting for Sandra or Carey to take home the little gold dude last night, we were sitting on the edges of our couches in anticipation for this year's Oscars dresses. The runways were rife with killer options last season, and we couldn't wait to see who would thrill us on the red carpet, who would bore us, and who would leave us dazed and confused. From looks that we swore we saw at our Junior Prom to some brilliant examples of risk-taking done right, this Oscars separated the wheat from the chaff when it came to who has the best red carpet prowess. We've rounded up the best, worst, most divisive, and most dull looks at last night's Academy Awards. See more red carpet looks at FabSugar.
Vera Farmiga—Pleated ruffles can easily make you look like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, but we think Vera's fuschia frock got it just right.
Sandra Bullock—The lipstick! The modern hairstyle! The gorgeous silver dress! Sandra's look is making us swoon.
Rachel McAdams—Watercolor prints could look a little Miami-Beach-y, but the ethereal pleating and sweet little bodice keep this dress killing it in all the right ways.
Carey Mulligan—We never thought we'd see a mullet dress that could give us heart palpitations. This encrusted Prada number suits Carey to a tee.
Charlize Theron—Besides the obvious misplaced rosettes, this dress has a serious case of bad satin wrinkling.
Sarah Jessica Parker—The neck-sash, the shapeless torso, and the tight bun make Sarah Jessica Parker's Chanel haute couture dress look almost cheap.
Queen Latifah—Can anyone say Junior Prom?
Kate Winslet—There's a lot we love about Kate, but not a whole lot we love about this dress. The middle seam, puckering satin, and separate bodice is just unfortunate.
Most Divisive
Diane Kruger—Half the office loved the risk Diane took with this curve-enhancing Chanel, and the other half thought she might as well have worn a shower cap to go with this loofah-skirt look.
Zoe Saldana—This Givenchy stunner sure made a statement, and the ruffled, poufed skirt is something straight from a fairy tale. But the top looks as if her bodice fell down around her waist.
Sigourney Weaver—Lanvin is a no-brainer when it comes to standing out, but this dress brings up a bigger issue: Is red ever acceptable for red carpet moments?
Miley Cyrus—Some of us thought that the seventeen-year-old has never looked classier in her life, but others thought that a bustier top was wholly inappropriate.
Most Meh
Tina Fey—This spotted Michael Kors dress has a chic, modern cut, but the Dynasty bouffant and strange shadows make this look somewhat of a Lemon.
Maggie Gyllenhaal—Pretty dress Magz, but your elementary folder called and it wants its underwater print back.
Nicole Richie—We get that Nicole Richie looooves the '70s, but that much fabric for such a tiny girl leaves us underwhelmed.
Helen Mirren—We know that Helen Mirren is the hottest, gray-haired OG around, but did she really have to come dressed as the mother of the bride?

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