8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Oct 03 2014

An heir and a spare pair: Could Kate Middleton be expecting twins? (Daily Mail)
Gone Girl opens today. Here's the soundtrack, the latest trailer, and our review (long live the psycho killer!). Also, a whole bunch of other plot twists we loved.
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson penned a first-person essay about violence in the NFL for Derek Jeter's new website, The Players' Tribune. In it, he calls for an end to bullying and domestic violence — not just in the NFL, but worldwide. (Sports Illustrated)
Your daily fit tip: There’s a reason why boutique indoor cycling studios including SoulCycle and Flywheel have riders wear specialized shoes that attach to the pedal. Actually, there are two.
It's October, which means that Trader Joe's is officially bringing it, pumpkin product-wise. Here's a list of all their gourd-y fare.
Following the negative reaction after it was revealed that user's newsfeeds were manipulated for a research study, Facebook has vowed to be more upfront with users about future research practices.
IKEA's new REGISSÖR line can be assembled without tools or that frustrating bag of dowels and Allen wrenches. But, what will we do with all the extra time and lack of infernal arguments about who put tab A into the wrong slot B? (Gizmodo)
After coming to a stalemate, Hong Kong's Chief Executive is reaching out to protestors to begin a discussion about the Occupy Central movement's pro-democracy goals. What the resolution will be remains to be seen. Here's why you should definitely be following the story.
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