The Real Golden Globes: What Was Up With All The Cleavage?

Last night's Golden Globes were definitely brimming with some fabulous, well-deserved trophies. But as much as we tried to find gems among the snoozy dresses and revel in Ricky Gervais' jubilant beer swilling, we couldn't help noticing all the other Globes present: that is to say, some extreme cleavage. Let's just say Mimi kicked off the evening with a neckline that could give Crazy Heart a crazy heart attack. And while Fergie and Christina Hendricks were both beyond maximum capacity, a few other stars just took the plunge without any support whatsoever. C'mon ladies, get it together! So, tell us please: Are we old-fashioned or is all this needless northern exposure just totally tacky?
Above, from left: Fergie, Mariah Carey, photos via Wire Image.
Above, from left: Christina Hendricks, Halle Berry, photos via Wire Image.
Above, from left: Anna Paquin, Lisa Edelstein, photos via Wire Image.

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