Nailed It: 3 Ways To Fix Chipped Tips

Chips happen. Even if you apply a topcoat every other day or avoid washing the dishes like the plague, your perfectly painted fingers will inevitably meet their chipped and/or smudged doom. To save you from having to completely redo the nail or, more realistically, stare at the ugly missing patch of color for days, we've found the ultimate fix — three, in fact!
Watch above to see the three genius ways to quickly fix any woe-is-me tip. Or, for a guaranteed chip- and smudge-free mani, try the two-step Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel Polish™ for up to 14 days of color and shine sans a UV light. A Miracle, indeed.
Written by Jada Wong, Beauty Expertise by Annie Tomlin, Nail Expertise by Rachel Shim, Styled by Hayley Loewenthal, Shot by Kenny Wu, Shot by Ryan Stumpe, Edited by Amanda Madden, Hair and Makeup by Carrie Lamarca, Photographed by Jessica Nash.