8 Things To Know This AM — Jul 04 2014

Lucy Hale says her audition for the role of Anastasia in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie was "very uncomfortable." (Good Morning America)
Chris Colfer has not been let go from Glee. (Entertainment Weekly)
Pope Francis has officially re-sanctioned the practice of exorcism. Plan your long weekend accordingly. (News.au.com)
The true culinary brave are putting pudding in ramen. (Huffington Post)
Disney characters reimagined in Orange Is the New Black. It's on. (BuzzFeed)
Tyler Perry now holds a patent on the expression "What Would Jesus Do." (A.V. Club)
This item is a special request from R29's entertainment director, Leila Brillson, who would like everyone to know that My Cat From Hell star Jackson Galaxy recently tied the knot at an animal shelter in Utah. (Today)
Finally, Nathan's annual hot dog-eating contest in Coney Island will be broadcast on ESPN2, should you want to watch other people gorge themselves on phallic-shaped foods pre-fireworks. (Nathan's)
8-things-lucy-hale-embedPhoto: Via @lucyhale.

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