8 Things To Know This AM — Jun 06 2014

Amazon teased a new device unveiling set for June 18. Everyone and their grandma thinks a smartphone is on its way. Somewhere, Tim Cook is shaking in his jeans. (ExtremeTech)
Apparently, those using Verizon to connect to the Internet aren't getting the most out of Netflix. Netflix is casually shading the provider for its lag time, and Verizon is demanding it stop the bullying. Netflix says no. Sounds like someone needs a time-out. (Quartz)
Don't fret, though: The secret to lowering your cable bill has been discovered, so even if your Netflix is acting up, you won't have to pay. (Vox)
Come holiday season 2k14, the self-proclaimed elusive chanteuse commonly known as Mariah Carey is gifting the world what it truly wants from her: a new Christmas album. Praise be. (Pop Music Gadfly)
True to form, the number of uninsured for the demographics Obamacare was created for (Hispanics, blacks, and low-income Americans) has dropped. (The Huffington Post)
In other political news, Sylvia Mathews Burwell has been confirmed as the new secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. (The Washington Post)
Reports that members of Boko Haram dressed as Nigerian soldiers and killed at least 200 civilians are beginning to develop. (AP)
Finally, the sexual-assault suit against X-Men director Bryan Singer has been dropped. Whether a settlement was reached or a new suit is being developed is unknown. (BuzzFeed)
8things_01Photo: Courtesy of ExtremeTech.

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