8 Things To Know This AM — May 22 2014

Well, it's now possible to own something of Harmony Korine's that's not a movie. If, you know, you want. (agnès b.)
It might not be Heartbleed, but eBay has warned customers that their info might be at risk after the site was hacked. It suggests users change their passwords. (Re/code)
Another field undergoing change is the pet-food market. Major pet retailers are pulling animal treats that are made in China after the FDA warns they might be poisonous for little Fido or Fluffy. (Salon)
On the home front: Obama has issued a letter notifying Congress that he has deployed American military personnel to Chad to assist in the search for the missing Nigerian schoolgirls. Check it out in full here. (The Washington Post)
News of rapper Mykki Blanco's arrest in Portugal for being gay is even more jarring considering the progress Pennsylvania and Oregon made this past week overturning their respective gay-marriage bans. (Pitchfork)
Mike Myers, he of Austin Powers fame, is stepping back into the limelight, and this time, he isn't just in it for the laughs. Groovy. (GQ)

Google unveiled a new feature that claims to solve a pressing photography question: What the heck are we to do with all the pictures we take but never actually use?

In health news: Think twice before lathering up with your antibacterial soap. Minnesota has banned triclosan, a commonly used antimicrobial in bacteria-battling sudsers, because it may be a hormone disruptor. Scary stuff. (The Daily Beast)
8thingsmPhoto: Courtesy of Agnès B.

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