8 Things To Know This AM — May 09 2014

Apple is in talks to buy Beats by Dre for a whopping $3.2 billion because iPhones love sleek headphone design. (Financial Times)
One thing not to love? Snapchat's ephemeral image and video sharing hasn't been so ephemeral. (Business Insider)
In more false-advertising news: Vibram's FiveFinger shoes cannot be marketed as being beneficial to your health, which is good because they certainly weren't helping out aesthetically. (Ars Technica)
On the science front: Astronomers have created the first successful virtual universe. The simulation replicates 13 billion years of astro-history and HD animations of more than 41,000 galaxies. (Center for Astrophysics)
Internationally, Russia has started cracking down on profanity in the arts. The Kremlin will start regulating and fining individuals whose speech it deems inappropriate. (The Wall Street Journal)
The situation in Nigeria has worsened. More than 300 people have been killed in the latest Boko Haram terrorist attack. This comes after 276 girls were abducted; they have yet to be returned to safety. (CNN)
An official Morrissey biopic is in the works and aims to tell the story of a young Moz growing up in Manchester. Oh, please, please, let us get what we want this time. (Idolator)
Finally, a bunch of CW shows are getting canceled (sorry, Carrie Diaries), but some exciting new ones are here to fill in the gaps. (Vulture)
8things_0Photo: via @beatsbydre.

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