A DIY & Mess-Free Mani? It's Possible!

Applying nail polish starts off easy enough, but sooner or later, you gotta switch hands. And, if you're like us (not even a little ambidextrous), it's easy to give new meaning to finger painting. We may be all for coloring outside the lines in life, but when it comes to our nails, the slapdash look just isn't cutting it.
Sure, we could keep 'em polished with weekly trips to the salon, but we'd rather save our dollars for that much-needed (wanted) shopping spree and DIY our own nails — that is, if we could paint like pros.
Good news: Mastering an epic mani is way easier than it looks. Even better? Ambidexterity is not required.
Just watch the tutorial above as our model Carolan layers on color with her nondominant hand. All it takes is a few swipes of Sally Hansen Triple Shine™ polish and a few of the industry's best kept secrets. Get excited, guys. Your next at-home mani will look just like it's from a fancy-schmancy salon. (And, as always, your secret's safe with us.)

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