60 Seconds With DJ Mia Moretti

It's hard not to be charmed by DJ Mia Moretti's positively sunny disposition. The internationally renowned DJ earned her stripes under the tutelage of the late DJ AM, and is not only a new style crush—think sharp downtown club-kid with a hint of her dreamy West Coast roots—but she's also an exceptionally genuine and polite gal. We caught up to her at the Alternative Apparel Cafe at SXSW before her gig at the famed Perez Hilton party tomorrow, and she talked to us about why certain sacrifices must be made for fashion, her favorite leather jacket and why a girl, no matter how busy, must always get her nails did.

Wow. You have a great jacket on. Who is it?


In general, vintage or new?

Mix and match!

What is the one thing on tour you'd be absolutely lost without?

My laptop, for sure. 

One item of clothing that is your must-pack?
My peace-sign leather jacket.

Good rule for being a girl on the road?

Always find a great place to get your nails and your toes done. It makes you feel put together when you definitely aren't.

Comfortable old sneakers or painful hot pumps?

I can take that sacrifice for style. I don't take many sacrifices in life, but that one is the least I can do!

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