Revealed! The World’s Best Beauty Secrets

The impact of the international beauty market on global trends is hardly subtle. But, while women around the world may swear by MAC lipstick or Clinique moisturizer, the beauty products made in their own countries remain cult favorites for those in the know.
Women consider certain products to be essential depending on how their culture defines beauty and what the local resources are. So, while a common Australian fruit might be touted as the ultimate miracle ingredient for women in Brisbane, for many French women, the secret to absolute beauty comes in the form of a whole bunch of acids rolled into one legendary lotion. And that's just the beginning. Though we might never hear some of these brands talked about outside of their country of origin, the women who use them are devoted to them.
Never ones to miss out on anything with a cult following, we did our homework and found out what women from around the world say is the absolute best makeup, skincare, or hair product out there— and what we found had us yearning to pack our bags and get our hands on all of it. Luckily, it's all available online. Though, there's just something about buying Icelandic silica mud in a tube that doesn't sound as life-changing as taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon it comes from. But we guess we could be convinced to settle...for now.

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